Getting unsupported architecture error

I am using the iOS precompiled framework for sentry… I can get Sentry working fine but when I attempt to upload to iTunes I get the following errors.

Sentry.framework contains unsupported architectures '[x86_64, i386]'

I have also tried using Carthage to build the iOS framework manually and added that framework but run into the same problem.

Any ideas? I am using 3.0.9 (the latest version) and XCode 8.3.3

This happens because our prebuilt frameworks currently are just the Carthage output and as with all Carthage frameworks you need to use the /usr/local/bin/carthage copy-frameworks script to copy it over so that non arm builds are stripped.

Sadly there is no a particularly great other option available currently as without those architectures in the binary you won’t be able to achieve simulator runs.