Give us Feedback on the new Events view

Some of you are already seeing it, and some of you will see it soon: there is now an events view in Sentry.

The events view lets you find specific events, and opens up a lot of interesting possibilities for tracing dimensions. It also includes our new expanded search syntax which covers negation (!value) as well as new properties, such as stack.filename.

For example, we’re able to find all sampled events affecting any Sentry staff member:

We were also able to very easily instrument events with a transaction_id tag, and understand errors that have crossed service boundaries:

The features available depend on if you’re on the Team or Business tier. On Team you’re only able to filter to a single project, and on Business you’re able to filter across any project you’re a member of (or simply all of them). If you’re on a legacy plan (a lot of you are) you can opt-in to the new Team or Business plans via the Usage & Billing page under Organization Settings.

We’re still working out some kinks, but interested to hear your feedback, and any interesting use cases you’ve come across.

(note: there’s some other navigation items you’ll see in our screenshots - more on those soon)

Quick note to avoid questions: this is live for Business users today, and we’re aiming to get it live for Team by tomorrow.