New product changes now available

If you’re seeing this page, it means new features have been rolled out to your Sentry organization. Please continue reading to learn what’s new.

:warning: Note: your organization can opt out of these features at any time. Instructions are available at the bottom of this page.

What’s new?

All plans

  • Issues, Releases, and User Feedback can now be navigated to from the sidebar

  • You can now select multiple Environments (in addition to specific environments and “All Environments”)

  • We’ve introduced a new Date Range filter available on most views (Issues, Releases, User Feedback)

  • Filters (Project, Environment, Date Range) are persisted between views

  • Settings is now reachable from the sidebar

Team plan and above

  • There is a new Events view, which allows you to browse and search raw event data outside of Issues

  • Events supports advanced search parameters including:

    • wildcards (e.g.*

    • negation using the ! operator (e.g. ! excludes all events triggered by user

    • new properties like stack.filename (e.g. stack.filename:/app/

    More documentation on advanced search coming soon.

Business plan and above

  • You can select multiple projects when browsing Issues, Events, Releases, and User Feedback

  • You can access Discover, our new tool for querying raw data in Sentry (see: Discover documentation)

  • The new Dashboards page gives cross-project overviews of Sentry data. Note: Dashboards is a WIP and will be undergoing ongoing changes. :construction_worker_woman:t5:

Known issues

  • We are still making adjustments to the UI based on ongoing user feedback. Please share feedback below!

  • Saved Searches and Bookmarks are undergoing changes. If you’re a power user of Saved Searches, we’d love to hear from you; please leave a comment below.

Coming soon

  • Advanced Search parameters for Issues including properties like stack.filename, negation, and wildcards (i.e. the same capabilities as available via Events)

  • Chart of event/issue volume at the top of Issues

Opting out

If there new changes aren’t working for you, you can temporarily opt-out by enabling “Disable Visibility Features” in your organization’s “General Settings”. This will affect all users in your organization.


Saved searches and advanced searching is amazing. You said you want to hear about it if people use it so here is my one thing.
If you could fix
that would be amazing. I’ve tried, and I can’t do it without some pretty ugly code.

Can you expand on the specific bug that you’re encountering?

Of course.
Do a search where the value is quoted due to spaces.

eg. bowser:“Chrome 71.0.3578”

Then click on it and select a different quoted value.

Below is an example of the broken result i get.

browser:“Chrome 71.0.3578” 72.0.3626"

The github line with the TODO i referenced is the culprit.

@billy Did my response answer what you asked me about? I didn’t go down any route of filing a bug because of the TODO. Figured that meant it was already known.

I just mentioned it cause I want to see how it’s solved : ).

@j-walker23 Ah yes, your response is helpful indeed. Thank you!

It would be helpful if we could set multiple environments as the default environment for a project too

@rouge8 – thanks for the feedback

So a new feature is that your environment selections will persist between sessions. So if you navigate one set of environments, and come back, you’ll have them again. Have you had a chance to try that and see if it helps?

Why all environments of projects are in one filter. I selected a project but environment filter is showing all other projects environments. :confused:

Hi there,

It’s really great to see new changes in Sentry, but one feature, which was really helpful and useful for me is removed, and it’s really sad. Dashboard, where you can see all projects with charts probably one of “must have” feature, so I don’t need to jump over projects to see what was going on. - This one.

Best regards,


Our organisation is on the old Small tier (which has since been renamed Team), and can’t see the Events tab. I’m guessing this is a bug and we won’t have to renew our membership just to get any use out of Sentry as we still have ~9 months to go.

As @solonyi has posted above, the removal of the overview page reduces the usability of Sentry. I hope this won’t be hidden behind the paywall of “you’ll need to upgrade to Business if you want a usable UI”.

There’s a fix coming for this very soon.

Edit: It’s now live.

@NZChipper this is a little confusing today, but the Team and Business tier are new plans. We did convert some accounts which would have zero impact, but haven’t yet done so with any others. You can freely opt-in to the new plans (which as you pointed out, would be a net $0 change for you to go from Small to Team), which will give you access to the Events view.

We’ll be talking more about this later once a formal release is out the door, but for the most part if you signed up before December 2018 and either weren’t on the Small plan or had On-Demand enabled, you will still be on our legacy tiers. To opt-in to the new Team plan you can do so by going to your subscription management page, and selecting the appropriate plan. Everything should co-term and/or pro-rate if you’re already under an annual contract.

For those of you who view the removal of the project landing page as a negatively impactful change, can you tell us a bit more about your use of it?

We found it commonly to be used simply to click to another project, which is why we persisted some state and pushed you immediately into a default view. This is a little more friendly on the Business tier as the Issues view would show you data across every team you’re a member of, but isn’t less accessible than before.

The major difference being that you don’t see a list of all projects alongside their sparklines. A lot of feedback we’ve received over the last couple of years suggested that there wasn’t much insight you could gleam from this page due to the nature of the sparklines, and the fact that they’re not relative to each other. This is why we opted to remove it entirely, since selecting a project is roughly the same behavior as before (load the page, click in the dropdown).

If we exposed sparklines into the project selector, would that resolve the use cases you mentioned?

Glad to see new changes except for the loss of the dashboard.
Our teams used a lot this dashboard view to check which of our micro services are encountering errors. If there is no new error, there is no need to go on the project. We also have a direct view of the amount of errors and we can prioritize things.
The dashboard also gives a view per project groups which is much more visual than a dropdown menu.
We check this page like 2/3 times per day and this routine now takes double or triple the time cause we need to iterate on all of our projects just to check if there is nothing new.
I’m pleased to see that today you put it back. We don’t mind if this is not the default landing page but at least have one tab that allows to have this global visual feedback is more than useful for us.
Franck :slight_smile:

Herro zeeg,

Thanks a lot for your answer, I totally get your point that dashboard page useless for 99% of customers. I used this page to make quick lookup to “is everything fine” and I can see what was wrong and where in seconds.

Probably it’ll work fine for us if those sparklines to project selection as long as it’ll be possible to somehow change order of projects for separate account or maybe show bookmarked projects at the top of selection.

Best regards,

What happened to the “Assigned to me” link on the sidebar? I used that to see all of the issues I had assigned to me for all projects at once. Now I have to go to each individual project and manually add a filter to search which takes way longer.

I’m missing the dashboard too, having a small “preview” or “summary” page would be nice.

Otherwise, out of 3 projects (on a paid plan), 1 had some issues lost, the 2 others are now totally empty (and I’m sure we had events there yesterday). Anyone else had the same issue?

@romaricdrigon contact support if you’re not seeing data you expect - there shouldn’t be any form of data loss (i’ll never say never), but it might be the the default filters (theres a default 14 day time filter now).

The dashboard won’t be needed in the near future, which is why we didn’t try to bring it back (it was never great). We’re working on getting a chart on the issues page which is night and day more useful than the separate project-specific dashboard we used to offer. If you’re on the team plan, itll look similar to the Events page. If you’re not on Team (an older subscription) you can opt-in to the new tiers via your subscription management page (see my post above).