Google Auth configuration with Sentry 9

I am currently using Sentry 8.22 with sentry-auth-google and this works fine by setting GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID and GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET in /etc/sentry/

Using the same configuration with Sentry 9, the web app starts correctly but doesn’t show the Log in with Google button anymore.

Looking at the recent merge of the sentry-auth-google into core (, I also tried to use the new way of passing options SENTRY_OPTIONS['auth-google.client-id'] = and SENTRY_OPTIONS['auth-google.client-secret'] = without success.

Nothing in the logs show what’s wrong here.

Could someone please point me to the right direction?


Are you overriding INSTALLED_APPS by chance? We bundled it so you’d need to pip uninstall sentry-auth-google and then everything should still work fine.

I doubled checked and no I don’t override INSTALLED_APPS and sentry-auth-google is not installed.

Skipping sentry-auth-google as it is not installed.

If that helps I’m relying on the sentry:git Docker image built from getsentry/docker-sentry and I just add the Google credentials to /etc/sentry/

Does show up in the list of packages in /manage/?

Thanks @zeeg for the pointer. I finally found a way to make it work.

The issue was that the workflow changed between Sentry 8 and 9.

It seems like it is now mandatory to go through the creation of a user, log in as an admin and finally go to /organizations/sentry/auth/configure/ to finish the Google Auth configuration. Only then the Log in with Google appear.

Is there an alternative to this to allow unattended installations and not requiring the creation of a user account?

It’s also worth mentioning that /organizations/sentry/auth/configure/ shows

Oops! Something went wrong
It looks like you've hit an issue in our server API. Don't worry though! We use Sentry to monitor Sentry and it's likely we're already looking into this!

If you're daring, you may want to try the following:

Give it a few seconds and reload the page.
If all else fails, create an issue with more details.

That error would get logged in Sentry and should be in stderr.

I don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish as an unattended install, but once you setup SSO anyone on the domain can login and gets an account automatically generated. You can’t automatically configure SSO with robots as it requires proof of ownership to enable.

This is very different than Sentry 8, as Google in Sentry 8 was a convenience function (it was unrelated to SSO). We removed that functionality.

Gotcha. Thanks for taking the time to clarify that for me.