Group all errors with 401 response

When a user has an expired accessToken on our site it generates like 5-10 errors in sentry… this is not wrong but I would like to group all the 401’s so that it does not clutter our sentry logs.

      catchError((err: any) => {
      if (err instanceof HttpErrorResponse && err.status === 401) {
       Sentry.withScope(scope => {
        scope.setExtra('nonErrorException', true);

It does capture the errors (“Non-Error exception captured with keys: error, headers, message, name, ok”) but it’s not really grouped the way I was expecting.

err.error.error.error in this case is invalid_token(string) and I would like to group ALL invalid_token… is that possible?

We get a new entry based on request url…
so “/api/v1/catalog/categories/x/products” will create a new entry so for each category there is a new entry… and we have a couple of hundred/thousand categories :confused:

I’m solving some of those issues with server-side fingerprinting
but its curious, if you inspect the json file of those events do they come only with the err.error.error.error fingerprint?