Separate Error Log Items (Symfony)


I have the Sentry system setup to log errors from a Symfony (Prod) environment. It is bundling all errors with the same error title together even though they have a totally different URL, and thus a different reason for the error.

Is there a way to just log each and every error separate and no longer bundle them?

Also the slack integration I have setup will not notify me of each and every error, I think it only notifies me when a new type of error appears. I would love for it to notify for each and every error, is this possible?

Thank you for your help!

It’s important to note that Sentry isnt logging, but what you’re sending are simply logs. There’s no way for us to aggregate them in a way that makes sense for all users, and so we choose the most correct way. You should aim to capture stacktraces (proper exceptions) whenever possible, as that’s going to be the best way to improve aggregate behavior. Beyond that you can use the fingerprint attribute when calling out to things like captureException: