Group errors by message using wildcards (like "* is not defined")

I’ve got a lot of clientside error messages like jQuery123_456 is not defined
and jQuery789_123 is not defined

There are tons of variants and currently they’re all listed as unique errors. I’d like to group all these instances into a single instance, everything that matches the rule jQuery* is not defined should be listed as the same error.

I created the following Server Side Fingerprinting rule:

message:"jQuery* is not defined" -> jQuery-undef


But the rule doesn’t seem to have any effect. I set it up weeks ago and I still keep getting unique errors listed for messages like jQuery782_135 is not defined

What could be the issue? Is the ‘regex’ incorrect? Does the asterisk not work as I think it does?

Seems to me that I’ve followed the docs on to a tee.

Note that message filters on log messages, value filters on the exception value which you might be encountering. Exception values look like messages so it can be very confusing.

We have been thinking about having message match on value as well but currently you need to use value.

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Ah, thanks a bunch!

That was correct.