Ungroup or unmerge issues?

I have a class of errors in a javascript application which are all handled in the exact same code: there is a single application-wide API client with a consolidated bit of error handling logic. As a result, all API client errors appear with the same stack trace in sentry.

I’d like to be able to un-group or un-merge these issues if at all possible, based on the message.

For example, I have an error with a message like

API client error: status 500 from /users

and ideally this would be a separate issue from

API client error: status 500 from /products

and separate from

API client error: status 422 from /users

I see documentation on how to manage grouping by stack trace, but it’s not clear whether I can use https://docs.sentry.io/product/sentry-basics/guides/grouping-and-fingerprints/ to un-group errors with the same trace.