HELP: Need Assistant with Azure DevOps with On premise sentry


Someone that can help me with this?

I’ve installed the Ubuntu World Cup on our Azure portal which runs a Sentry on premise.

Everything is running as it should, but we are currently integrating Azure DevOps with Sentry.

What I have done so far is:

created an app here: “
on our organization and put the callback url to: https://sentryURL/extensions/vsts/setup/
and so I got “App ID” as well as “Client Secret”
which I have inserted into as it is here:


In addition, I have tried it inside config.yml like this:

But the only thing I get when trying to install devops inside intergrations: InvalidScope

it has to be said that I have restarted the VM machines every time I made a change to be sure it has taken effect

can someone help me, maby someone can make somekind or tutorial

I don’t think it should be difficult as there are not so many parameters, but I have tried most now with no luck.

Please help me.

I believe in config.yml, you need to use:

vsts.client-id: ‘’
vsts.client-secret: ‘’

Your App needs to have the following authorized scopes:
Code (read)
Graph (read)
Service Endpoints (read, query and manage)
Work items (read and write)