How can i set sentry node storage with Elasticsearch?

Hi, everyone~
I want to export the data to Elasticsearch, I install sentry by docker, how can i configurate Elasticsearch node storage with
And do anyone know how to use API to export the data?

There is no ‘node storage’ for Elastic Search in Sentry. We only support SQL, Cassandra, and Riak. If you want something else you’ll need to build it, but we would strongly discourage you to use anything other than the builtins.

If you want to export data, you can use webhooks or build a data forwarding extension. In the future you’ll also be able to use the newer service hooks features.

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Thanks, Where can I get information about webhooks and how to build a data forwarding extension ?

And I read document about “Custom Backends”, it mentioned “For more information on implementating your own backend, take a look at sentry.nodestore.base.NodeStorage”, but I don’t know how to build a NodeStoreage by extending NodeStorage class.

That’s saying to “look in the source code”.

Docs are