How set different Response Time Threshold (Apdex) for specfic transactions group?

In Settings > Performance we can set global “Response Time Threshold (Apdex)” value, with default to “300” msec:

Apdex is an industry-standard metric used to track and measure user satisfaction based on your application response times.

But for different transactions response time is different! For example, for E-commerce site: load time of some product webpage as 300 msec is good.

And for transaction, that submits the new order from cart with many products, 300 msec is too few! This transaction makes a lot of write processes, so Apdex must be about 2000 msec or even more!

So, how can I set separate Apdex values for some transaction groups, that differs from default global Apdex value of project, in Sentry web interface?