How should Github resolving issues via commits work?

The Sentry blog Releases Are Better With Commits | Product Blog • Sentry and Documentation GitHub | Sentry Documentation mentions that mentioning a Sentry issue will “automatically annotate the matching issue with a reference to the commit or pull request, and, later, when that commit or pull request is part of a release, we’ll mark the issue as resolved”.

But mentioning an issue as “Fixes ISSUE-SHORT-ID” does nothing and we don’t get any visual feedback nor on Github or Sentry side. Should not the integration add a comment to the Github PR (as other integrations do that) or have at least an indicator on the Sentry side that this worked?

We do have the Github integration and the features “for Team billing plans and above” active.

Small update - linking the Pull Request via Sentry “Link GitHub Issue” (which we did not think to test out because of the misleading title) worked successfully, but mentioning the issues via PR comments do not work for us.