How to configure celery options

I would like to reduce the number of celery workers on Sentry’s container. I’ve checked the documentation at but there’s not much to go on. Is this possible? If yes, how can I achieve this?

I think there’s only one worker inside the on-premise repo as a separate service. Can you share what you are trying to achieve?

The thing is, I have another app which uses celery with a different setup. When I have this app and sentry running, at times, they both consume a lot of CPU. So, I have made some changes to the other app to reduce resource utilisation including reducing worker_concurrency to 10. I need to do the same for Sentry’s celery which seems to use all 16 cores, as is the default. See htop screenshot

Ah, found it:

Pass -c 3 or something like that to the worker service as an argument.