How to customize DSN/DNS for each project on sentry?

Hello, I need some help.

I have an instance running sentry and I have a couple of projects (one for each domain that I’m tracking errors).

domain 1:
domain 2:
domain 3

I would like to know if it is possible to configure Sentry to do the following:

Inside settings of any given project change the DSN from:<PROJECTNUMBER>

To simplify what I need is to use another DSN for each domain I’m tracking.

It’s possible to do that?
Many thanks in advance!

edit: what I found that I need is when loading the sdk into my domain:

<script src='' crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

the dsn object is:


I would like to change that to be the domain I have for each project :slight_smile:

You can just create CNAME records and use those domains if you want to. I just don’t understand why you need this :slight_smile:

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