Predictable Sentry DSN

We would like to give a feedback about how Sentry DSNs are created currently.

Our company has about 60 microservices and we thinking about using Sentry to capture any errors. But, we need to create 60 projects using the Sentry interface, copy their DSNs and then update all microservices to use their specific DSN. That’s absolutely chaos.

We have some ideas to solve that problem:

  1. Use a single authentication token and update the SDKs, allowing to pass a custom project name. If the project does not exist, it should be created automatically.
  2. Create a predictable DSN, like AWS ARNs. We still would need to create the projects through the interface, but the DSNs would be predictable and wouldn’t need to specific a custom DSN for each service, only the format the should be used.


Right now all ingestion is completely locked to a single project (service). I don’t know if we’ll change that in the future, but its mostly we just haven’t talked about it.

Your best bet is to use the API to generate the DSNs today, and store them in some kind of configuration management. You can use the same APIs to also create a project if it doesnt not exist, though “does not exist”, though you’d have to do that based on the project name which could obviously be changed.