How to do "deadman" queries filtered by tag?

I have a server which runs which backgrounds tasks at certain periods, for example hourly or daily.
I want a monitor them, and get a warning if they do not sent an event, the event I send would be a “ping” saying I am still here. I would like to tag them because they are different services, and the rule needs to know the difference. For an hourly service, I would set an alarm if no even was received for say 90 minutes, for instance. So it’s a deadman alarm.

Can I do this? The logic behind the rules (“None”) doesn’t help much, I think because I to choose ‘all’ being false and I can’t include a match to a tag

There is a condition “is seen more than than {value} times in interval”, but I want “less then {value} times”. It seems so obvious, I am surely missing something :slight_smile: I can do it in datadog, but it’s so complex.