Alerts for a particular tag:value combination based on frequency

I’m trying to be alerted if a particular tag:value combination is seen 20 times in a minute, but it seems like this is not possible.

I have my rules setup as so:

But I’m getting alerted any time any events are occurring 20 times, then if the event with the particular tag I’m looking for occurs even once that period an alert is fired.

We already answered this one over private channels, but here is our response for future reference:

Hi Kevin,

So apparently at the moment the “x times in y interval” does not take into account other constraints in the rule - so the alert will trigger when the count and the tag match the conditions, but the count is based on events per that issue which may include events with different tags.

Anyway, there is an open issue to fix this:


Ah, got it. Thanks for the explanation!