How to get information by sentry web api

I want to get information from sentry by web api, but it need authentication credentials.
I read the document, It say that: You can find or create authentication tokens within Sentry.
Can I set my token by or config.yml?

I start up sentry by Docker, If you has any question about my environment, Please comment there~

you can generate these in your user settings

Sorry, I haven’t found where I can generate the Token through user settings.
Could you, please, specify it exactly? Or provide a screenshot?

I am on 8.22 version, on premise

Thank you very much!

Maybe this is related with authority?
You can find settings in this place:

Click the API then you will link to this page:

Then you can click the Create Token button to create your own token.

Hope this can help you!

Thank you!
This place for user’s settings icon is rather unexpected)) We spend 15 minutes together with my colleague searching through the interface and didn’t notice that there is a button in the left lower corner. As all the others are at the top of the screen.

Developers, please, move it to a more visible place!

I think so…
It’s difficult to find this button, I feel the same as you when someone else help me to find it.