Trello Integration Setup

Hi all,

I have been trying to setup this integration for Trello.

But the documents leave a lot unanswered.

Do I need to install this on my local machine?
I get my Auth token from Trello but no idea what to do with it.

Thanks in advance

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Same issue. I seem to be able to set it up, but then there is nowhere to select what board you want to post to.

Can anyone from Sentry fix or update the docs? If it’s broken, it shouldn’t be included in the list of available integrations. It’s also on your homepage:

I did finally get this working.

Here are the steps;

  1. Get your API key from Trello here: Trello API
  2. With your API key visit this link, be sure to replace API_KEY_HERE with your Trello API Key:,write&expiration=never&key=API_KEY_HERE
  3. This will give you a Trello Auth Token, copy that token
  4. Go to your Sentry Settings
  5. Click Projects
  6. Click the project you want to add it to
  7. Click All Integrations
  8. Enable Trello
  9. On the Trello Integration page, you then put in both the Trello API Key & Trello Auth Token
  10. Save changes & select Trello Organization that you want this Sentry Project to


Hope this helps.

Thanks @kkampen for the reply!

I think I’m able to get through all that OK; the issue I’m having is that I’m not able to select which board I want Sentry to send event info to. Here’s a screenshot to give you an idea:

I can select the organization, but I don’t see anywhere to select the board.

I’m in touch with Sentry support on this and will update here what the outcome is.


You should be all setup.

You select the Trello board & List each time you Create Trello Card inside the Sentry Issue.

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Ahh, I thought cards would automatically be created for every new issue in Sentry, rather than having to manually add to trello on the Sentry issue.

Thanks @kkampen!

I know this is an old thread, but does anyone know if this plugin still works. I went through all the setup successfully, but don’t see a “Create trello card” button anywhere.

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Same here. Have you had any success with this since your comment?

I noticed that there is no All Integrations to click on any more (at least, not that I could see), but there was a Legacy Integrations instead. So maybe this Trello thing doesn’t work any more?

ps there’s a video in this blog that shows where the Create Trello Card button issued to appear:

Aha. It looks like the UI for Sentry-Trello integration has changed since that 2018 video. I’ve found the button to create a Trello card. Open an issue, and it’ll be on the right-hand panel, between LAST SEEN and and TAGS, under the subheading LINKED ISSUES.

If you follow the steps, but you still see this:


go to$organization/projects/$project/plugins/trello/ and click the “Enable plugin” button in the top right.

There are also less useful but official instructions here: