How to know if sentry is running and successfully reporting errors?

Hi all,

Our system integration with Sentry is through various codebases (Elixir, Ruby, React, …).
Sometimes Sentry doesn’t work properly due to an issue with our configuration initialization, e.g:

Our config might look like:

if (sentry_enabled == True) { set included_environments: current_env } ; otherwise {set included_environments: [] }

Sometimes an issue with our configurations doesn’t populate sentry_enabled properly and hence it’s disabled, how can we alert in such case? Is there a native integration to sentry that alerts us in case: SENTRY DIDN’T SEND ANY ERRORS FOR THE PAST DAY?

Or there’s a better suggestion with heartbeat integration with Sentry to make sure things are working properly? Integrating Sentry doesn’t mean that it’s actually working and reporting errors successfully, a prior incident was an issue with our HTTP library that prevented sending HTTP requests to 3rd parties.