How to 'Sort by Events'?


I was wondering how to properly Sort by Events when viewing the crashreports. When I apply, somehow it does not seem to sort properly in any direction (ascending/descending). Is there perhaps I miss configured something?

I am using version 20.10.1.
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Doublecheck the url. Should be something like: β€œ/issues/?query=is%3Aunresolved&sort=freq”

Hi. Indeed. The url for that page is:


Checked it in different browsers :open_mouth: ? And/or checked ctrl-F5 on the page?

Yes, I tried with the other browser, but the sorting order appears to be exactly the same. :confused:

How is it sorted now btw?
Strange! Maybe an upgrade to 20.11 will solve it :open_mouth: ?

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