Feature Request: Sort by Frequency over last 14 days

Now we generally use “Sort by Frequency” and “14D” for whose persistence request is here (Sort by Frequency and 14d period as default/saved search?)

The current sort by frequency sorts the issues with total count.
Though a few of our issues have been incorrectly grouped (by sentry or someone from our team). And we have fixed some of the bugs of the grouped issue which has brought its daily frequency down from lets say 1000 to 10.
Now when we “Sort by Frequency”, the issue still comes on top as its total count is still high from its past glory. Can we have another option which says “Sort by Frequency over last X days” or “Sort by count over last X days”. X can be anything 3, 7, 14, whatever.

We can’t ignore the issue because we also have to reduce total number of events.

You can use the age parameter in your search, in the last 3 days would be age:-3d. More on the search parameters here.

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Hi Meridith,

The age filter restricts to only those issues which were created in those days.
I would prefer all events even if they were created before that time as well but sorted based on their frequency in the last X days.

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I see - I’m not sure you can achieve exactly what you are looking for with the current search options.

You could use event.timestamp with ‘Sort by Frequency’ instead of age since event.timestamp includes results in which an event occurred at the given timestamp.

However, you will might still run into the original problem you have mentioned.

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