How to use environment variable to config verify_ssl

I dont want config in front-end project, so used the environment variable to config.
My sentry domain is ‘https’ agreement

if use ‘.sentryclirc’ set verify_ssl could work.
api docs writes:
This can be used to disable SSL verification when set to false. You should never do that unless you are working with a known self signed server locally.

but i cant understand how to config in shell. tried many times and failed

export SENTRY_URL=https://sentry.h*****
export SENTRY_AUTH_TOKEN=*******
export SENTRY_ORG=sentry
export SENTRY_PROJECT=dmp-admin-center-web
export SENTRY_LOG_LEVEL=debug
export http_verify_ssl=false

./node_modules/.bin/sentry-cli info

help me, please

I think the main issue here is your certificates for HTTPS. Are they self-signed?

Not self-signed, thats a pay for signed.

How to use env configuration to config ssl_veirfy.
.sentryclirc and set webpack could work ,but i dont want to do that. cas it will invade code,
Our project so many. so I want to use env value to upload sourcemap durding CICD.

i cant understand http.verify_ssl how set.

If you need to set verify_ssl to false, that means your certificates are not trusted globally. Based on the docs, I don’t think you can set this via env variables.

/cc @kamilogorek

Correct, there is no ENV variable to modify this behavior currently.

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