HTTP returned 403 response on vendor.js while files are hosted on Sentry's servers

We use the Sentry CLI to upload minified files and sourcemaps to Sentry on every release. I confirmed that the correct artifacts do exist under the release in Sentry UI, yet sourcemaps are failing to work, with the following error:

HTTP returned 403 response on https://our-server/vendor.js.

I was under the impression that if we upload both the vendor.js and files, Sentry does not need to contact our servers to get the file. This is the ideal setup for us, as we don’t want to expose these files directly.

I have also confirmed that correctly references vendor.js:


Here are the commands we run on CI:

sentry-cli releases -o <org-name> -p <project-name> new "${SENTRY_RELEASE_NAME}"
sentry-cli releases -o<org-name> -p <project-name> files "${SENTRY_RELEASE_NAME}" upload-sourcemaps ./dist/

Thanks for the help!


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Did you get the reason for it ?

@mattrobenolt Can u plz help