I can't filter events in issues by some tag


I’m using sentry’s docker image to build my sentry server and it works good, but i have some question on the events filter function.

My steps:

  1. Search issues by user:email, it get some issues in the list;

  2. I clicked into a issue detail page and select the Events tab;

  3. filter user:"email:xxx@gmail.com" but nothing found.

So, how can i filter the event record right or is there any way to get user’s event by the email?



hi, this problem is urgent for me too.
I have several tags

to example, i wont to filter all events by tag “orderId”.
i have url “…/?query=orderId%3A"00000023387”, but i get an empty result.
… i know i have few events with this tag.

i don’t know what I’m supposed to do.
mb, do I need to change any settings or sentry config?

did anyone found the solution?