Ignoring an issue in one environment, ignores it for all future events in all environments?

Hi guys,

We recently had an issue that was recorded in our development environment and reported to Sentry - it was ignored as part of the development process - but through a chain of weird events, it ended up in our production and that issue there was also ignored - how do we separate our environments so that an issue ignored in one, isn’t ignored in any other environment?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Worth mentioning, I think this was “ignored” using the slack integration - so perhaps doing that there does it for all environments - not just the active one?

All of the workflow actions apply across the entire issue (unrelated to the environment).

Can we have some kind of confirmation before doing this? We ignored an issue in a dev environment, and it missed the same issue being put into production.

What do you mean? If you ignore an issue it doesnt matter which environment its happening it - its ignored across the board. If you mean ‘missed’ as in it was ignored and not alerted, that would be why and is currently expected behavior.

We realize that in some scenarios thats not ideal, and we’re likely going to rethink many of the issues workflows as the environment filter has created a lot of confusion.