[Feature suggestion] Ignore/resolve based on parameters

The idea is fairly simple. It’s essentially a way to catch some very specific issues which may happen frequently, but making them as resolved or ignored based on specific filters. See my context section for more insight and an example.

This suggestion avoids solving the problem in a more intelligent way, however the result is not being to change the source code of the project.
(normally you would want to create a custom exception in your project)

To provide more context:
One of my projects is a website built on the Laravel framework. On my local development environment, I have a Linux virtual machine (Debian) that runs a MariaDB and Redis server. My host machine (Windows 10) runs NGINX with PHP 7.1.
Essentially if I browse to the local site while the dev VM is offline, it reports a timeout connecting to Redis or a timeout connecting to the database.
Ideally I would like to have this issue marked as resolved with a simple note saying something like “local development machine offline”. The issue would need to match specific exceptions on my local machine based on the Server Name tag and the Environment tag.

I feel like this would be better suited to handle on sentry instead of the website, because I don’t think it’s appropriate to add specific logic to the project for my local development environment, and can’t see it as a logical assumption for all development environments to be set up in a similar configuration.