Inaccurate source line in JavaScript error

We have public source maps (for the time being) and some of our JavaScript errors are showing inaccurate line numbers as the offending line. Luckily I can tell the line being referred to as the line number specified is just a few lines away from the actual issue.

I’m wondering if this is due to our source code being updated between the time the error happened and the time I’m viewing the error report on Sentry. I.e. is the stack trace and associated source lines looked up live as I view the error on Sentry (and thus getting a new source map)?

We are not using Releases / Artifacts. I’m betting that if we switched to that model, the problem I’m seeing would go away as the Release feature seems to hold versions of the source that the error would be tied to and thus we’d have consistent line numbers for errors from a given release. I don’t want to have to switch at this point if it is not necessary.

I am seeing this issue (with Angular2+). It seems to be related to Sentry because the line numbering is perfect in chrome (i.e. break points work). Did you shed any light on this?