Sentry maps the error with a wrong line in sources

Hi! im new in sentry. i’ve try to config my project so that can show error call stack as raw sources. It uses sourcemaps from release artifacts (i’ve disable fetching sources bc of localhost).

here is my test exeption in Sentry:

here is my exeption in sources (./src/components/App/index.js):

    class App extends React.PureComponent {
        render() {
            const { history, location } = this.props;

            throw new Error('Test App exeption');

            return (
                <PageWrapper {...{ history, location }}>
                    <AppStyles />

But as u can see the lines does not similar and the files has different names. If it helps ./roles/common/Jobs/List/filters.js@47 is the end of sourcemap

what im doing wrong?