Integration with .NET Core's ProblemDetails class

I was wondering how I can customize Sentry to use .NET Core’s built-in ProblemDetails class for logging information. This class was specifically built around the IETF’s RFC 7807 for a machine-readable format for specifying errors in HTTP API responses.

Any assistance is appreciated!

The current AspNetCore package doesn’t depend on the MVC bits meaning we don’t depend on Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.

This is something we could look at though for ASP.NET Core 3 since we don’t need to depend on the individual packages anymore (it expects the shared runtime in the box or shipped with a self contained app).

Lastly, at this point I’m still unaware of how ProblemDetails works with MVC to be able to suggest a solution.
Perhaps it’s something you can resolve by registering your own EventProcessor in DI (which the SDK resolves and uses).
Feel free to open a PR if you have a suggestion on how to support this: