Looking for SDK to read, as opposed to write


Looking for a library that retrieves reported issues, rather than creating new ones as most existing libraries (like https://github.com/getsentry/raven-csharp) appear focused on. For example, using this endpoint: https://docs.sentry.io/api/events/get-project-events/. Preferably in .Net, but any language will do. Havent been able to find one, any hints?

I don’t believe such package exist in .NET. At least there’s none built by Sentry yet but there might be something from the community.

It’s generally really easy to query the API, which is why we don’t invest in API bindings ourselves.

You simply construct a standard HTTPS request, add a header with “Authorization: Bearer {token}”, and you’re done. Outputs all basic JSON, and input is primarily the same.

There might be a standard “works with REST APIs” library in .NET, but otherwise I’d just use the baked in HTTP client(s).