Integration with Webpack and sourcemaps/ release

Hey guys,
This is first time I’m trying to integrate sentry into my project:

This is what I added into plugins:

import SentryPlugin from 'webpack-sentry-plugin';
new SentryPlugin({
      organization: 'my-org',
      project: 'my-project',
      apiKey: myAPIKey,
      release: provess.env.GIT_COMMIT_HASH,

In the build I can see that the sourcemaps are generated, and they have the same name as regular JS files, but just with .map added.

I have also configured the Raven:

import Raven from 'raven-js';
const initializeRaven = () => {
    const configuration = { /* some ignoreUrls and ignoreErrors options from */ };
    const commitHash = process.env.GIT_COMMIT_HASH;
    if (commitHash) configuration.release = commitHash;
    const sentryDSN = 'my-sentry-dsn';
    try {
            .config(sentryDSN, configuration)
        console.log('Integrated Sentry...', Raven);
     } catch (e) {
         console.error('Failed to integrate Sentry');

And now when logged into I can see in my releases the latest release. But when looking into the issues of the release there are none. And the latest issues that appears have the release set to n/a.

When I expect an error (like componentDidCatch) I just use:

const extra = { method: 'request-method', url: 'request-url' };
Raven.captureMessage(error.message, { level: 'error', extra });

What am I missing?

I’m also seeing a //# at the bottom of my sourcemaps, but in the release I see no .map files in the Artiffacts tab :frowning:

So I managed to get the sourcemap uploaded.
How can I make sure that the release is always present when an error is thrown?