Some issues don't use sourcemap, some do

Hello! :wave:

I recently enabled Sentry for JavaScript in a production environment. Before I start, amazing product! :tada:

I have noticed that the majority of issues being reported don’t use the sourcemap, but a minority of issues do.

We have a number of asset bundles built with webpack that are all bundled under the same config.

Here is a small bundle example:

Which declares //#

Here is it’s sourcemap:

But, I’ve seen issues for errors within this bundle and they don’t seem to use the sourcemap.

I’m certain I’m doing something wrong, but we just can’t work out what exactly.

Here is our current webpack config:

Sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks for reading! :heart:

I’d have to see a sample issue in order to understand why source maps are not being applied. If you could share some screenshots, that could be helpful.