IP range for Raven services?

Does anyone know the IP range that Raven/Sentry requires to operate? I am trying to set it up on a private network and I want to open up the correct IPs for Raven/Sentry to work. Does anyone know know what this IP or IP range is? thanks.

@Carl while we make no guarantees that this list is always accurate, its usually correct:


What you likely would want to do is setup an outbound proxy, and have the SDK’s go through that proxy. Then you can simply allow the proxy to connect to whomever (or potentially limit it to a domain).

Could it be that the list is out of date? We keep getting 403’s for .map files even though we use the nginx snippet provided in the documentation.

@jonashaag we’re likely going to be moving towards unpublishing this information (and im sure its out of date). If you just need it for sourcemaps you should use our release endpoints and push them to Sentry. It provides a number of other advantages.

The thing is that our deployment process isn’t streamlined enough for this to be a quick undertaking; it’s rather manual at this point. We’d like to focus on developing our core product. We’ll go with manually whitelisting Sentry IP’s taken from our server logs then.

Here’s a different idea I just had. How about Sentry passes some secret with each request, for example a X-Sentry-Secret header, which can then be used by the web server to selectively allow or deny requests?