Is it possible to capture breadcrumbs in Sentry (Flutter)?

Hi everyone! I’m working on a project in Flutter, and I’m using sentry to capture events. Can I capture events with Breadcrumbs?

Short answer is: no but soon yes

Long answer:
Flutter created their own Sentry SDK.

Looking at their repo, I found a pull request open with this feature:

I suggest subscribing for changes on that PR to get a notification when it’s merged.

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Thank you!

can you guys share the way you handle breadcrumbs in Flutter? it looks like breadcrumbs are supported but we need to store and manage them. Do you have a global list where you store all of them and when you send you clear that list?

There’s no Scope yet in the Flutter SDK. So far you’d need to add your breadcrumbs straight into the event before capturing it.

We plan to work on that though to get closer to what other SDKs work.