Is it possible to do a temporary merge on issues in the web UI?

I want to perform a one-off analysis on all issues which match a search query, e.g. view the breakdown of affected devices (my project is a react-native app) for a family of errors.

But in order to do so I would need to permanently merge the issues. Is there a way to do a temporary merge that doesn’t affect the issues?

I don’t think that’s possible. That said, maybe if you provide more details around your final goal, someone may find a different way to achieve that?

I have multiple issues which have similar error names (but not identical), and I would like to group them all together and analyze the tags for the entire group. For example I want to see which devices are more prevalent when looking at errors which contain the text “Camera”

I would like to leave the issues as-is, and not perform a permanent merge

I don’t know if we support such functionality but for future errors, it seems like you may benefit from using event tagging: