Is it possible to tag an existing issue to a release?

I don’t have release integration on the application, but I have manually created a release via the cli. Is it possible to add a release to an issue?

You may set the release parameter at your init step, which is described in doc.

After this, all the issues submitted will be tagged with this release.

For example, for java you may have an init as


Thanks for the link to the docs.

Unfortunately, I have already released app and it is triggering issues. I want to be able to tag an issue without a release to a release.

I am afraid that the information inside the issues, including the tags, should be considered as read-only, as bug handling is a serious matter and we need to secure the original information of the issue against any possible modification.

can i make the changes myself in the database? what tables would i need to look at? (on premise)