Is "sentry upgrade" safe to run while the app is running

We’re planning to upgrade our on-premise Sentry from v8.10 to v8.16.

Is “sentry upgrade” safe to run while the v8.10 is running, or should we stop v8.10, run “sentry upgrade”, then start v8.16?

Are there some best practices in terms of running “sentry upgrade” in a production environment?

We receive about 200+ events per minute and have a handful of web instances.


It should be generally safe. TO be extra safe, you might want to shut down the workers to let events queue up. Then do the upgrade, then start up workers on new code.

It’s hard to make them 100% graceful with tagged releases though, so this might not be perfect every time and you’ll get some intermittent errors potentially during ingestion.

Also to minimize the effects, it’d be a bit better do 8.10 -> 8.11 -> 8.12, etc. I know that’s much more effect, but less likely things will error in between.

Thanks Matt!

But when does the ingestion happen? Is it during the “sentry upgrade” run, or when the v8.16 workers consume the queued events?

Ingestion from events being sent from the web processes. Before being queued and processed. Generally this should be fine during an upgrade without downtime.

Cool. That’s good to know. Thanks again Matt!