Any official guidance on upgrade from 7 to 8.9.0?


I Just upgraded our sentry from about 7.x to 8.9.0 and we lost the ability to look at our events (properly grouped) by the time they comes into our queue so that we see most recent events first.

Also 30 days bar graphs (event counter vs day) shows only one most recent bar; i thought that this aggregated data might be now processed via ‘cron’ subcommand and I just kicked it off but it does not appear to be doing anything at least immediately.

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to debug this on your own. Lots and lots of stuff has changed from 7.x -> 8.9 and it’s hard to say. The change from 7.x -> 8.x alone was major.

Ideally, if you regenerate your config with sentry init and re-fill in settings, then run sentry upgrade, things should generally work fine.

Also, to add to this, we do have some light documentation on upgrading: that might help, if you haven’t seen.