Is there a way to change a mail notification subject?

Hi there!
There is a mail notification plugin available for Sentry. Right now all the mails have the following subject template: [Organization-name Project-name] Error-text.
Is there a way to customize it? For example we would like to get rid of Organization name prefix.

What you’re actually seeing is ‘Team Name Project Name’ in the subject. If the Project name includes the Team name we wont show it.

For example we have:


  • Sentry Backend
  • Sentry Frontend

In that case the project names simply show “Sentry Backend” rather than “Sentry Sentry Backend” or “Sentry / Sentry Backend”.

Thanks for your answer! But we would like to have a slightly different effect. We’d rather not show organization name at all, only showing a project name and an error. Is it possible?

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There’s no way to do what you want today. We’re not opposed to making this customizable, but we prefer “the best defaults”. There’s also complications with making it dynamic or customizable in that it will break threading in various email clients.

The reason why we don’t want to have an organization in email topic is because we only have one organization that is the same for all the project, and thus this information is redunant for us and hides the important information (the error) in the mail preview screen. So it would probably make sense to make the header customizable to some very basic extent.
Meanwhile we’ll try to work arond this in some other way.
Thanks for your help!


Assuming this is still the case. On mobile devices you just see the org - no app or error, so it’s not immediately obvious whether important or not.

Im trying to add URL, Error message title and User email in Subject of the mail.
Done with URL and Error message title by adding like this ${tag:url} - $title.

Like this, is there anyway to add User email in Subject of the mail.

Can anyone help me out??

Thanks in advance!