Add new project (not single user) mail account for notifications

Hi there,

the title is very descriptive, I want to receive notifications each time the app crashes in a new project-linked email.
For example, if any member of the team is doing test and the app crashes, an account like receives a notification mail.

Any help is welcome.

I think this is what you’re looking for:


Maybe it’s not clear, the main question here is adding the new project email account, I searched but I couldn’t find the option.

ie, if I already have receiving notifications, I want to add a second account receiving notifications ALSO.
In the worst scenario, if it isn’t possible to add a second acc, is possible to replace the first one by the second? if it is so, how?

Thanks again.

I don’t really understand when you say a “new project email account” as as far as I’m aware the projects don’t have any e-mail accounts associated with them. They have teams and owners.

That being said, you can add multiple e-mail addresses per user and then select which project alerts should be sent to which e-mail account individually which sounds a bit like what you are asking for.