Issues lost by on-premise Sentry instance

We have created a Node.js project in an on-premise Sentry installation recently.
Sentry had registered 6 issues successfully, and after that issues stopped appearing in Sentry Issues Admin panel.
I think events reach Sentry, as they are shown in the Stats graph, but not in the Issues menu.
(The problem is really with our local Sentry instance, as no problems are experienced, when using Sentry SaaS DSN)

How can we fix this?

Can you provide more context around your on-premise installation? Is this Sentry 10?

The version of Sentry we have is 10.1.0.dev029f8169

I have limited context/understanding of what other information might help in diagnosing the issue, as I am using Sentry as a service. Our DevOps team has installed and configured it.

Probably your local installation has an issue with its Kafka or post-process-forwarder service and you should contact your DevOps team for that :slight_smile: