Java error grouping

Hi, All

We are using Sentry’s java sdk to monitor a client app written in java.
It seems that the errors are not grouped correctly - at least, not in the way we expected.

It seems that the same type of error creates multiple issues, and so we are constantly notified via emails.
Also, when fixing an issue we have to go and close multiple issues that are essentially the same - sometimes hundreds of them.

Anybody knows how sentry decides which errors belong to the same group? Any advice on how to fix this?


We’d need more information to help you troubleshoot this issue.
A few points worth mentioning:

The Fingerprint field controls the grouping so if you are using different values for this field, exactly what you describes would happen.

if no Fingerprint is set, information from the stack trace is used. There’s more to it but I’d have to dig into the code to see how it works.

Can you describe your setup a bit more? Also, are you using or on prem?