JavaScript SourceMap is not used (again)

Sorry, that I created a new thread but I’m also have the problem with sourcemaps. And can’t figure out the problem.

  1. My js is served from
  2. sourceMappingURL is common-123.js
  3. I uploaded sourcemaps and js to sentry using webpack as ~/static/common-123.js and ~/static/
  4. Release IDs have fine setup and js errors have correct link to release with correct artefact.
  5. But source maps are not working! In Sentry JSON I see: "sourcemap": ""

What is the problem? Please help.

I mean, Sentry didn’t create this URL magically – it had to come from somewhere. Are you sure there are other JS files you haven’t accounted for?

Besides this, steps 1-4 look correct re: artifact naming, etc.