Bug: js source maps don't work


  1. file paths and names hadn’t mapped (other words: sentry does not show original source paths and file names)
  2. names of variables hadn’t mapped too
  3. source code had not shown

why I expect it working:

  1. my bundles has postfixes like:
    //# sourceMappingURL=583ebfe1a3ffd8b3043e.js.map
  2. our previous logger (honeybader) did understand out source maps.
  3. I looked in Sentry’s source map troubleshooting docs
  4. our webpack@4’config has: devtool: 'source-map'
  5. map files a located at the same path as js-files. both are private intranet network

Useless trace:

Also: I need not only stacktrace, but source-mapped code snippet with an error position marker