JavasScript Integration with Segment

I have turned on the Sentry integration with Segment, and I do get errors showing up in my Sentry dashboard, which is great, but I noticed that I can recreate a console error in my application, but it isn’t showing up in Sentry. I was curious, if I needed to setup some config to get all errors, or if there is something on Segment’s side that isn’t passing that info. I definitely see the raven js library loaded and as stated it is sending events to Sentry, just not all of the events that I would expect. Thanks in advance!

when you say console error, do you mean something that you typed manually into the dev tools console like throw “foo”? those don’t go to the global error handler so sentry doesn’t see them.

Nah it actually thows a full error, I can make it do this:

vendor.js:24794 TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
    at o.a.getPreview (app.js:17760)
    at fn (eval at compile (vendor.js:25691), <anonymous>:4:609)
    at b (vendor.js:26780)
    at e (vendor.js:36759)
    at o.$eval (vendor.js:28556)
    at o.$apply (vendor.js:28656)
    at HTMLInputElement.<anonymous> (vendor.js:36764)
    at HTMLInputElement.dispatch (vendor.js:4371)
    at HTMLInputElement.q.handle (vendor.js:4057)
    at HTMLInputElement.d (raven.js:367)

I can see raven.js is there, but it doesn’t seem to be populating into my Sentry account…

Do you see a request made to sentry in the network tab of dev tools when this happens? Another thing to consider would be loading raven.js directly from our CDN as outlined here:
the segment integration works but isn’t always up to date with the latest raven versions

Nah I dont see anything to sentry in the network tab. Yeah I noticed it was out of date, but wasn’t sure if that was the issue as well. Are there any special types of configs that we need to do to get it to pick up different types of console errors?

do you notice a pattern in the errors that go through and the ones that don’t?