Problems when loading an issue

Hi guys, on “sentry, version 8.8.0” here, self hosted.

When attempting to view any issue (/team/project/issues/XXX/), a bunch of problems pop up in the JS console, and the loading spinner goes on and on forever (preventing the issue from showing up).

GET https://self.hosted.sentry.url/api/0/internal/health/ 403 (FORBIDDEN)

raven.js:290 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined

ReactDOMComponent.js:415 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘_idCounter’ of null

Heading to the 403’d page returns this:

detail: “You do not have permission to perform this action.”

The server logs do not contain any useful output. Just seemed to happen out of nowhere. Also ran a sentry repair to no avail. Heaps of free disk space / inodes. Tonnes of free memory.

Any pointers? Have I got a bug here?


The http error is not really an error. We always make an attempt to load this url, but it only returns a 200 OK if you have the right privileges.

@benvinegar might have an idea about the actual JavaScript error. I’m not sure we see this in production.

Also, did this happen on 8.7.0? And does this happen to all events?

It didn’t happen on 8.7.0. It does happen on all events in all the projects I am in.

I have the same issue, and I’m owner on the projects affected

Same problem, here. Tested with several different browsers, checked and re-checked my current configuration file and proxy def in Nginx.

We’ve concluded after a few reports of this that it boils down to a misconfiguration. The core issue is that your file is missing something important that has been added over the years that you config hasn’t gotten added.

My guess is you’re missing the setting:

SENTRY_TSDB = 'sentry.tsdb.redis.RedisTSDB'

This also means that you have no graphs anywhere in your install since the default TSDB is “dummy” which does nothing and is meant for testing only.

For every upgrade, we highly recommend redoing sentry init and grabbing a new config file, then layer your changes onto that. That way you pick up new options moving forward as things get added.

You made the point. It works fine now, with the mentioned setting.
Thanks a lot.

I’ll keep your advice regarding the welcome “sentry init” after each upgrade on a post-it.
Sorry for the noise.

This should be handled better in 8.9 btw. We’ve detected if this setting is incorrect and we’ll show a warning in the UI.