JS errors in Rails + Vue app produce additional 404 against "internal" project

I have a Rails-based app which uses Vue and Webpacker to display HTML pages (it is not a separate front-end and back-end).

I’ve integrated Sentry just fine with the Rails side of thing, but I’m having problems getting Vue set up. I followed the Vue installation instructions and initialised it with logErrors: true as well as attachProps: true. The only other thing I’m setting is the environment.

If I generate a JS error on a Vue page it gets correctly reported in the project (though I’m still struggling with getting source maps set up, as I get bounced between multiple documentation pages with no easy-to-follow guide).

However, a second error is generated against the “internal” project: a NotFoundError on GET /issues/4/events/latest/ which is understandably returning a 404, as I haven’t added any such thing to my application.

Is there something I need to add to my app to get it to support this? Or, can I just do something to stop Sentry trying to access this bogus route?

At a bare minimum, what would I need to add to the “internal” project’s config to get it to just silently discard errors that are NotFoundError for paths ending in /events/latest/, without firing a notification?

(Also, how can I pass the Sentry object down from application.js so it’s available in all components? Loading it in each component individually is a pain, and the recommended method of importing leaves it as an object, not a function, so I can’t pass it in Vue’s methods parameter…)

I’m using an on-premise install, if that makes any difference.