Property or method is not defined error when sentry is integrated in VueJs APP

Hello everyone,

I am not totally sure if this is related to sentry, but whenever I integrate sentry into our vuejs app, I get these errors. It would be great to know if sentry is causing or not causing it.

Here’s how we are integrating sentry.

import * as Sentry from '@sentry/browser';

import * as Integrations from '@sentry/integrations';

  dsn: '',
  integrations: [new Integrations.Vue({Vue, attachProps: true, logErrors: true})],

Thank you very much!

I mean if it doesn’t show up w/o Sentry SDK, it probably is related. That said the only relevant code I could find regarding this nativeEvent property is here and this doesn’t do any writes.

Were you able to find another clue in the meantime?

Hey, thanks for responding. I was able to resolve this by removing a console.log() on my code which is strange. I am still not sure what caused that issue. Right now I am not seeing it anymore.

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In my case it was a navigation guard in the Vue router that was causing an endless redirect.