"Link GitHub Enterprise Issue" only shows 30 Assignees

I recently setup Sentry on-premise and was able to setup the GHE integration but when selecting from the Assignee drop-down, only 30 people show up, when the corresponding GHE org has many more.

Seems like a genuine bug but I’m new to Sentry. Here’s the pop-up that I’m talking about:

Looking at the source, it seems like it’s not processing paginated response bodies. I can see a get_with_pagination method in the shared_integrations client but it’s not referenced by the GitHub/GitHub Enterprise integration code so maybe it needs to be?

Guessing you are the same person who also posted GitHub Enterprise Issue pop-up only shows 30 Assignees · Issue #24685 · getsentry/sentry · GitHub :slight_smile:

No need to double post. Will be closing the thread here in favor of the GitHub issue. Thanks again for reporting!